Earlier this month, there was a Reuters story about director Michael Winner and his claim that his 1974 film Death Wish is the most copied in the history of cinema. I haven't gotten to the point where I agree with that statement completely, but today I'm seeing one more piece of evidence, at least. Fox Searchlight has just made a deal to distribute a movie called Stephon's Coroner for State Street (I don't understand the title, either), which is kinda like Death Wish, but with and for moms. The script, written by Pat Gilfillan follows two single women who become friends after they each lose a son to useless acts of violence. When the judicial system fails them, they become vigilantes. George Tillman will direct.

There is no vengeance like that of a mother. So who should play these renegade moms? The best choice for one of them would be Julianne Moore, but I guess I'm typecasting since she seems to be playing a lot of mom's with missing children these days. For the other, perhaps Sissy Spacek? Or would that be too much red hair? Maybe it could serve as some cheesy metaphor?

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