You know that exciting, yet dangerous stage in between being newlyweds and brand new parents? Married almost a year now myself, I can totally relate to the pressure you're put under by friends, relatives and complete strangers when they say things like, "So, when are you two going to have children? How many kids do you want? You better hurry and have kids now before your sex life disappears!" Let me tell ya, it's fantastic stuff.

So, I immediately connected with the story behind Mild Things, a comedy spec written by Michael Colton and John Aboud that was just recently picked up by New Line. Pic centers on a relatively tame married couple who, before having their first child together, decide to have a "baby bender" which involves partying it up like rock stars for a few months. While I can totally relate, the wife and I are, sadly, not huge party people. Our idea of a "baby bender" would probably include a six pack, a pizza and an ultimate surround sound experience, preferably provided by some kick-ass action flick. I'm curious, what would your "baby bender" consist of?

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