Ashton Kutcher, Demi Moore and Tallulah Belle Willis at the 'Open Season' premiere

Hey folks, this is Capulet kicking off my first 'Fone post with the mega-premiere party for 'Open Season.' I'm not exaggerating when I say that Sony Animation literally pulled out all the stops to give their first feature a larger-than-life debut. For starters, they threw their shindig at the Greek Theatre in Griffith Park, LA. It was my first time there (yes, I'm a loser) but I could tell right away that this wasn't a shoestring affair. Some fun premiere facts:

  • 'Open Season' was the first movie premiere held at the Greek Theatre.
  • The party was 75,000 square feet and held 2,546 guests.
  • There were 6,000 prizes for the carnival games.
  • Paul Westerberg performed with original members of The Replacements.
  • Promo partners supplied free burgers, sodas, and video game kiosks.

      So who did I talk to? Basically everyone except Mr. Ashton Kutcher, who arrived like five minutes before the screening started and cruised down the (green) carpet with Demi Moore and her daughter Tallulah Belle Willis. After talking to a few people he was whisked away, much to our chagrin. The rest of the cast was more punctual, and everyone came with kids in tow. Martin Lawrence even brought his mom and dad, so you know he had to be on good behavior. When asked if he likes to spend time in the great outdoors, the voice of Boog laughed and said, "If you gave me two sticks to make a fire, I couldn't do anything with it." About 'Open Season' he said, "It's got a lot of heart. You can't mess with that, and kids can watch it ten times over."

      Ashton Kutcher and Martin Lawrence at the 'Open   Season' premiere

      Debra Messing arrived with her hubby and three little nieces, each holding every stuffed 'Open Season' character they could carry. When she started her voice work three years ago, she said that about her character she knew "Nothing. Just that she's a mother and they wanted her to be the heart of the movie." When it comes to camping, she said she's "afraid of bears and scary things in the dark." So the world will be shocked to hear that Messing is no nature girl.

      Funny guys Billy Connolly and Jon Favreau provided a one-two comic punch. Connolly cussed me out -- at least I'm pretty sure he did -- in his improvised Scots-squirrel McSquizzy voice. Favreau retraced his tracks to the beginning of his role as the busy beaver Reilly. "When I first heard about this movie I looked at the script and I said is that the only part left -- Reilly the beaver? And they said yes. So I played Reilly. But I'm a good actor, I did my research. I think I did a good job and I don't want to jinx it ... but there's Oscar buzz." Favreau's been a busy beaver himself, with 'Iron Man' and a new CGI-animated comedy 'Neanderthals' in the works. (Please don't kill me for the beaver pun.)

      But the highlight of my evening had to be hanging out with rock legend (and some would say the father of indie music) Paul Westerberg. Yes, the lead singer of The Replacements wrote the original songs and score for 'Open Season.' He told me he traded the tour bus for the family film because he was tired of touring, and he wanted a project that his eight-year-old son Johnny would dig. But writing music for a "major motion picture" is nothing like cutting an album. Said Paul, "I'd write something that everyone loved and a few weeks later they'd change the character completely, make him less menacing and more buffoon-ish. So I'd have to start over, but I knew what I was getting into." I requested that he play 'Unsatisfied,' which of course didn't happen. But talking to one of my music idols made me even more excited to check out 'Open Season' fer sure.

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