After the profound geek-out success of Frank Miller'sSin City on screen, fans everywhere have been eager for Zach Snyder's adaption of another Miller work, 300, a story which follows the battle of Thermopylae. A private screening of some early work on the flick was recently given, and Time Out Movie Blog was on hand to share the experience. You can swing by the site for a full review (minor spoilers included), but the general gist is "this film looks awesome!"

While sections of what was shown were still in raw form, TOMB said they showed incredible scenes and a fantastic vision. During the showing Zach Snyder apparently took a few questions and made a few comments, noting more than once Frank Miller's 100% approval of the film. Snyder referenced his efforts to keep the film extremely loyal to Miller's work (the only way you can get Miller to hand over his properties), and said Miller only stopped by the set on occasion, and did not feel the need to be very involved because he trusted Snyder's work. Apparently, Miller called it "the movie he wanted to see when he was 15 and first fell in love with the story." A very ringing endorsement which leaves me only that much more eager to see the film.

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