It looks like Guillermo del Toro may take a page from the Marvel play book (odd statement, I know) for his return to the Hellboy universe. Sounding much like Marvel's plans to "reinvent" the Incredible Hulk story with their new film rather than create a true sequel, del Toro recently said he doesn't plan to go the sequel route, either. Invoking a famous cult classic, his precise words were: "My idea with Hellboy 2 is that it's almost a rephrasing. You don't re-enact the franchise you reinvent it. My favorite movies are like Evil Dead 2 which is basically reinventing Evil Dead 1, so I would hope Hellboy 2 could be taking what I learned from Hellboy 1 and reinventing it."

I continue to be slightly baffled by this "reinventing" only a few years after the original, but, like with the Hulk franchise, I think I'm quite fine with the idea. Honestly, with Guillermo del Toro and Mike Mignola in control -- not to mention the excellent returning cast -- I would be absolutely astonished if this movie was anything short of fantastic.
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