Rob Cohen, the man behind XXX, The Fast and the Furious, Stealth, and the intriguingly titled Big Bosoms and Square Jaws (an upcoming bio-pic of exploitation veteran Russ Meyer) is set to direct Scared Straight, with Beau Flynn and Tripp Vinson producing for Contrafilm. Ron Brinkerhoff who penned The Guardian is rewriting the script. The story deals with a governor's son who, after running afoul of the law, is sent to prison for a brief stay as part of the Scared Straight program. While he's on the inside, a riot breaks out and the inmates take him hostage. He teams with other street kids and a con to stop the riot.

Cohen says this will be a high-tech modern prison, so Shawshank this ain't. "After the success of 'Prison Break,' there is revival of interest in the genre," says Cohen. "It's going to be a genre movie with depth, and the depth will come from the character. It's the fight for the soul of this young kid who is on the verge."

Scared Straight is, of course, a real program in which felons are used to scare the living hell out of youthful offenders in hopes of discouraging them form a life of crime. Arnold Shapiro's Oscar-winning Scared Straight! (1978) documented the program.

[via Moviehole]
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