I am counting seven movies on Julie Delpy's 2006-2007 to-do list, but one got lost in the fray -- The Legend of Lucy Keyes. I don't remember this ever being released (limited or otherwise), but it's now available on DVD. Production of the movie caught my attention a while ago, because writer/director John Stimpson, a proud new Englander, gave an interview awhile back saying how awesome it was that Delpy, Justin Theroux and Brooke Adams (aka Richard Gere's sister in Days of Heaven) all signed on to do this limited-budget indie film, and live in a little Wachusetts ski lodge during the filming.

The story focuses on true Princeton, MA history, the disappearance of Lucy Keyes into the woods and the long-enduring local legend that Keyes' mother can still be heard late at night howling Lu-cy, Lu-cy! The movie is set in the present day -- Delpy plays a mother whose little girl disappears in a manner chillingly similar to Keyes' vanishing hundreds of years earlier, and there are flashbacks to the original disappearance and search. Yes, it truly does sounds a little Blair-Witchy, but it has a reliable cast and a whole lot of New England in it ... plus Halloween is coming up soon, too.

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