Someone get this gal a Delorean, because Scarlett Johannson has been doing a lot of time traveling lately. In Michael Bay's flop, The Island, she was trapped in a frightening vision of the future, but lately she's been dipping into the past with increasing regularity ever since Girl with a Pearl Earring.

She can currently be seen in the 1940s era The Black Dahlia, and will also appear in Christopher Nolan's turn of the century magic thriller, The Prestige. After that she has lined up The Other Boleyn Girl (1500s), Napoleon and Betsy (1800s) and now Mary, Queen of Scots (back to the 1500s), in which the gal will take on the role of Queen Mary of Scotland.

While we support Scarlett's love of the historical pieces, can we please see her out of a hoop skirt and in a t-shirt and jeans sometime soon?
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