Wow, if this information is correct, then Paramount and Marvel have acquired a huge set of balls and are pinning the entire Iron Man franchise on -- wait for it -- Robert Downey Jr. According to AICN, some top secret scooper told Harry Knowles prior to a screening of The Fountain that Downey Jr. has landed the part of Tony Stark in Jon Favreu's upcoming Iron Man flick and, apparently, there could be a "huge trade break tomorrow."

While I'm not the biggest Iron Man fan, I'm totally pumped about this decision ... if it turns out to be true. Not only is Downey Jr. a wayyy better choice than Tom Cruise (one of the actors reportedly in the running), but the dude is just plain cool. He'll certainly bring the gritty edge needed for the role (what with all the time he's spent off set getting "healthy") and, besides all that, he's a terrific actor -- in my opinion, one of the best working in Hollywood at the present time. AICN feels pretty good about this lead, so I guess it's just a matter of hours before we find out the truth. So, Iron Man fans -- what say you?

[Thanks Neoxkc]

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