One thing I will probably never understand about published magazines is the off-by-a-month numbering system some of them use. Like automobiles and certain video game titles, magazine issues frequently come out an entire month before the identification on the magazine claims. I'm sure there is a perfectly rational explanation for why this is the case; feel free to share it with me if you like. I'll still probably think it's silly, but at least I will be slightly more enlightened.

In any case, the November issue of Empire will go on sale September 29 (this Friday) and it will feature nothing but superhero movie news. The issue is being billed as an "ultimate superhero preview" and promises news on "Iron Man, Captain America, Thor, and many more!" So if you're into purchasing magazines, this might be a good one to get your hands on ... if not, swing by their website in the coming days to see what they've learned. And as always, stay tuned to Cinematical for plenty of superhero goodness -- if Empire covers anything we haven't heard yet, you can bet we'll pass it along to you.
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