I first saw Amy Poehler in a hilarious recurring role on Late Night With Conan O'Brien as Andy Richter's psychotic little sister, then on the uneven but often funny Upright Citizen's Brigade. Tina Fey has skillfully manned (or womaned, I guess) the Weekend Update desk for years, and I liked what she did as one of the token adult characters in Mean Girls, which she also scripted. Despite the verbal jabs I took the last time I said this, Fey and Poehler were perhaps the best Weekend Update team in the history of Saturday Night Live. Two very funny individuals with great chemistry. What's not to like?

Now the pair will reteam for Baby Mama, a comedy from Universal. Writing and directing will be former SNL writer and first-time director Michael McCullers, who wrote the screenplays for both Austin Powerssequels as well as Thunderbirds. According to Variety, by way of Zap2it, Baby Mama is the tale of a single woman who wants to have a baby without sacrificing her career, so she hires a surrogate. No indication which actress will play which role. Production will begin next summer once Poehler is done with the current season of SNL and Fey completes the premiere season of her new show 30 Rock.
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