I'm not sure what I anticipated before watching Bug, but the film completely surprised me. Perhaps since I was at Fantastic Fest, I expected a traditional horror film, with giant disgusting insects flying around and getting squished in a gross way. Bug is not exactly a horror film -- or if it is, it's in the same tradition as Hard Candy. It's a suspenseful movie, but not a gore or grossout fest.

Bug is adapted by Tracy Letts from his stage play -- only five characters have speaking roles, and most of the action revolves around the two leads. Agnes (Ashley Judd) is one step away from being a stereotype of trashiness: living in a crummy hotel room in Oklahoma, working in a honky-tonk with her friend RC (Lynn Collins), and trying to avoid her ex-con ex. One night, RC brings Peter (Michael Shannon) to visit Agnes, and the two connect instantly as friends, even after Agnes's scumbucket ex Jerry (Harry Connick Jr.) turns up. And then Peter notices the bugs in Agnes's bedroom ... blood-sucking aphids.

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