Yesterday, we shared with you some thoughts from Zach Snyder, director of 300, specifically relating to Frank Miller's involvement with the project. Snyder said Miller was not particularly concerned with being involved in the day-to-day, because he fully trusted Snyder's vision and was consistently impressed with the work he saw. Snyder promised he was being absolutely faithful to Miller's work, and said he had Miller's full stamp of approval. Today, we hear from Miller himself -- you can swing by Comics2Film for their full interview with the writer.

Essentially, Miller said he is indeed quite pleased with the work, and with Zach Snyder in general. He admitted the movie version of 300 will have some small deviations from his novel, but promised they were well done and keeping well with the feel of the story. While the film may not be quite as frame-for-frame perfect in transition as Sin City, Miller is completely sold on it being an accurate and wonderful adaption. And really, his endorsement is more than good enough for me.
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