If I were to list all of the upcoming geek culture flicks I was really anticipating, it'd be a reasonably populous list. I doubt Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles would be found near the top -- but not because I don't want to see it. In fact, I'm more excited for this flick than I have been for any recent Turtles projects (not like that is a tough competition, I suppose), I just continually forget it exists. I can't explain to you why this is, however the movie somehow manages to keep slipping beneath my radar screen. I only remember the film is actually happening on days like today, when news pops up to remind me about it.

If you happen to be looking forward to this flick as I am (at least, when I remember it's coming), you're anticipation will be one week shorter-lived than originally anticipated. Currently, for unknown reasons, Kevin Munroe'sTMNT film has received a one week box office bump, moving the official release date to March 23 of next year. Hopefully by that time, there will be enough posters and trailers to remind me to get to the theater and check it out.