This Friday marks the triumphant opening of the 44th Annual New York Film Festival, which yours truly has been placed in charge of covering for Cinematical. Though the fest is not open to the public until September 29, I've spent the past week and a half attending press screenings for the many films included within its fantastic lineup. Yes, very fun stuff indeed.

As I repeatedly drag my lazy ass onto a train and commute into the city from my new apartment in Queens, I try to remind myself that, while most of the people around me are probably heading towards some boring corporate job, I'm going to see a movie. However, that thought usually lasts for about five minutes, and then I'm once again the grumpiest person in the world -- the guy you don't want to ask for directions -- until I'm eventually able to inject some much-needed caffeine directly into my brain. (Which reminds me: isn't it about time we start up a "Just Say No to Starbucks" campaign? After a few more screenings, I'll be officially giving them more money per month than I pay to my landlord. Scary, ain't it?)

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