In the last several years, director Peter Jackson has risen to the top of the Hollywood scene, becoming one of the mega power players after the smash success of his Lord of the Rings trilogy. Since the early beginnings of Microsoft's Halo game-to-movie rumors, Peter Jackson's name has been attached to the project. Now it seems as though Jackson is making the full crossover, signing a deal to help create the next Halo video game as well. Alongside his writing partner Fran Walsh, Jackson will work on two projects for the game industry, with the second project still an unknown.

Jackson is heading into the video game world with full force; he's creating a company named Wingnut Interactive in collaboration with Microsoft Game Studios. Sci-Fi Wire describes the new company as a "world-class interactive entertainment studio fusing the strength of Microsoft's technology and interactive entertainment experience with the creative and imaginative excellence of the Wingnut Interactive team."

We're seeing more and more of this, with established writers, directors, and sometimes even actors, crossing over for forays into the video game world. This is being heralded as a sign the industry is becoming "more legitimate," although some of us tend to think of it as everyone else in the world finally getting wise. Welcome to video games, Jackson, I'm glad you've found this "new" creative outlet. It should be fun to see what you bring to the table; I, for one, expect good things.

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