What was only a possibility before has now been confirmed, god help us. Fugitive from the law and sometime film director Roman Polanski will play a bit part in Brett Ratner's upcoming Rush Hour 3, starring alongside Chris Tucker and Jackie Chan. Polanski will play the part of a French policeman who gives the two stars some trouble during whatever errand they are on in this film. Then hilarity and hijinx ensue, we're sure.

This has to be one of the strangest pieces of casting I've ever heard about since Nicolas Cage was hired to play Superman. Is the Rush Hour franchise so stale after two installments that they need to resort to stunt casting? There are a billion talented French actors who could play a disgruntled cop so much better, and they probably aren't wanted by the authorities back here in the States. What about Jean Reno, Gerard Depardieu, or Lambert Wilson? Well, at least Polanski certainly looks the part, and he'll be joined by Max von Sydow.

Regardless, this has dropped the film off my "Movies To Eventually Put On Netflix To See When Everything Else Is Checked Out, Including Ernest Goes to Camp" list.
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