This just might turn out to be a remake of The Little Engine that Could. First, Sony Pictures dropped director James Mangold's proposed remake of3:10 to Yuma for unknown reasons, even with Russell Crowe attached to the project, and Tom Cruise and Eric Bana reportedly interested in separate roles in the film. Then the picture ended up at Lionsgate, who trimmed the budget from $80 million to $50 million, and added Christian Bale in the process.

Lionsgate announced today that Peter Fonda, Gretchen Mol and Dallas Roberts have been added to the cast, and shooting (literally) is expected to start in October. Crowe will never be able to replace Glenn Ford in the lead role, but it will give him a chance to atone for his turn in Sam Raimi'sThe Quick and the Dead. Okay, that was a cheap shot (no pun intended), because I actually really liked that movie. No word on whether Crowe will be wielding a telephone handset or a shooting iron in his holster, but he's deadly with either one.
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