Now that he's finally found himself a new home, director Guillermo del Toro has really been on the move with his Hellboy 2 project. The Golden Army took awhile to find a home, and you can feel how eager del Toro was to land funding because he has really hit the ground running. He recently shared some more details regarding his plans for the new script with SciFi Wire:

In case you forgot; yes, Agent Myers is gone. Most fans just sorta shrug at this news because the dude wasn't in the comics anyway. And Agent Johann Kraus will be in the movie. He was in the comics, so to me this is a great trade. Out with Myers, in with Kraus.

Roger the Homunculus will also appear in the film, but only in a small cameo role, much like his appearance in the first film. Both del Toro and creator Mignola felt the general principle of Roger was too similar to that of Hellboy himself.

Killer robots -- another Hellboy comic book standby -- will be in the film. But unlike the comics, they won't be gorillas. Gorilla sized? Yes. Gorilla shaped? No.

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