Dimension Films, not typically known for producing animated projects, has inked a deal with comedian Seth Green's company Stoopid Monkey for two films. One film is an as-yet-unknown live-action comedy to be written by Robot Chickenwriter Tom Root, while the other is a stop-action animated flick currently called Naughty or Nice which Green and partner Matt Senreich will help produce. The movie is described as "family friendly" and less aggressive than the company's television work. No plot has been announced yet, although we can perhaps infer from the title it may have a Christmas-y theme. Of course, when it comes to Green and company, such inference could be absolutely worthless.

Off the bat, this seems to be a relatively unusual pairing for both parties. Stoopid Monkey is not typically a "family friendly" company (although they aren't adult only or anything), and as mentioned above, Dimension doesn't tend to invest much in animated flicks -- let alone stop animation, an art which only gets occasional love in Hollywood. However, stop action movies have sometimes preformed well in the past, and Stoopid Monkey does have some measure of popular fandom, so perhaps it will be a strong union. I guess we'll have to wait and see.
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