Seriously, how much do you trust Tom Hanks? Would you let him babysit your kids? Borrow your savings? Take your new car out for a spin? This is the question raised by a new list made by Forbes magazine, which ranked 1,500 celebrities by how trustworthy they are. The top ten includes mostly movie stars, including Hanks, who rated #1. The actor seems a likely choice, as he's possibly the most popular person in Hollywood these days, but does likeability equal trustworthiness? Some of the other names don't even make as much sense as Hanks, though. At first I thought maybe the list was using the term trustworthy to mean that we have trust in the celebrity's work. Hanks, for instance, can sell a movie better than anyone, meaning people trust his role choices and go to see his movies based on this trust. As for Oprah? We all know millions of people trust her recommendations. But some of the names just aren't the most bankable or even the most popular stars. Michael J. Fox? James Earl Jones? Ron Howard?

Satoshi Kanazawa, an evolutionary psychologist, points to the obvious: that people can't differentiate between reality and fiction, and this list is made up of people whose on-screen personalities are who we trust, not the performers themselves. Certainly he would correlate this to our obsession with the political opinions, and possible electability, of movie stars.

So, what exactly are we supposed to be trusting these people with? And who might you trust enough to add to the list?

Check out the ten most trustworthy celebs after the jump.
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