Robert Downey Jr. in A Guide to Recognizing Your Saints

Hey, Angie here with interesting casting news of the week: Robert Downey Jr. has been cast as Iron Man. Jon Favreau is directing, and the movie will come out in May '08. It's the first film to be self-financed by Marvel ... Color me intrigued.

What do we think here? Robert Downey Jr. as a superhero? Speaking as a non-fanboy, i'm actually quite excited by the prospect. Sure, the closest thing Downey's done to an action movie is 'Kiss Kiss Bang Bang' (which i really kinda loved), and OK, so he may be a little long in the tooth to be suiting up in a metal jumper, but the man can act. i liken it to Michael Keaton being cast as Batman oh so many years ago -- as skeptical as people were about that choice, Keaton was far and away the best 'Man on screen ... until Christian Bale took on the role in 'Batman Begins.'

And with Favreau directing ... i now am super interested in a film that wasn't even on my radar till today. So, what say we, movie fans? Yay or nay on the prospects of the big screen's newest superhero?

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