I was a bit of a late-comer to the whole Buffy the Vampire Slayer thing; the series had been on for three or four years when I first got hooked on it. Joss Whedon created some great characters, and one of the best was easily Spike, as portrayed by James Marsters. At times he was evil, at other times he was good -- but he was always cool. Last season he brought his slithery charm to Smallville as the Kryptonian artificial intelligence Brainiac. Now, According to The Hollywood Reporter, Marsters has joined the cast of P.S. I Love You, a romantic drama based on a novel by Cecila Ahern, daughter of the Prime Minister of Ireland. Amazon.com describes the novel as engaging, witty ... and occasionally sappy. The story deals with a young woman named Holly (Hillary Swank) who loses her husband Gerry (Gerard Butler) to a brain tumor and must rebuild her life without her soulmate. Gerry has left her a series of ten monthly messages to ease the transition into a new life. Marsters will play Gerry's best friend. The film will be directed by Richard LaGravenese and distributed by Warner Brothers.

So, Spike does a chick flick? Sounds like the sort of film that will tug at your heart strings if you're into that kind of thing. At this point I think this film could go either way: genuinely moving or Lifetime Channel sappy, but it seems like a good career move for Marsters, exposing him to a more mainstream audience.
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