If the most entertaining thing about your animated kiddie flick is the cool 3-D effects, that's probably not a promising sign. That's the thought that popped in my mind about a third of the way into Open Season, the latest studio offering targeted toward young kids (and their parents' wallets) in a year way over-flooded with animated fare. The one big thing working in Columbia/Sony's favor on this one is that they're releasing the film at a time when there isn't a lot of other competition, and that's probably a good thing for the film and its ultimate box office take.

The film has a basic storyline that a lot of kids will no doubt find appealing: A bear who has been raised by a park ranger with all the comforts of modern life meets a wild-and-crazy deer rejected by his herd, who induces him to party all night on a sugar high, tearing up a store. Because of this, he must be released into the wild, where he will first dislike but eventually bond with the deer, mingle with assorted wild critters (all also cleverly personified) and eventually, work together with them to take down The Man, aka the hunters who have just descended upon their domain because it's, well, open season. Get it?

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