When is piracy good for movie fans? When it causes Hollywood to fight back with more aggressive distribution that benefits the impatient. That's how it is seems to be working in China, anyway. While the rest of the world has to wait at least two more months to get their hands on a Superman Returns DVD (hitting shelves in the U.S. on November 28th), the lucky people of China can already purchase their copies. Plus, their version, which is dubbed in Mandarin, is selling for a mere $1.77 (14 yuan) -- or $2.78 (22 yuan) if they want a special feature documentary. Why so early and so cheap? To compete with the pirated discs, of course.

Well, they may not be the better option, as they are still more expensive than the bootlegs (typically 10 yuan), but that Warner Bros. strategy is notable for its attempt to flood the market, including distributing to smaller stores that normally prefer illegal copies, with something more attractive than their usual alternative.

Now, the only problem could be if pirated copies of the Chinese DVDs make their way to other parts of the world. Sure, I wouldn't be able to enjoy a Mandarin-dubbed copy, but there are a good amount of Mandarin-speaking people in the States. ...
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