After pirates returned to the big screen in a HUGE way thanks to Disney's highly successful Pirates of the Caribbean franchise, studios are now looking to do the same with dragons. Eragon ( a story about a boy and his dragon) hits theaters this winter, while Peter Jackson jumped on the mythical creature by dipping into some discretionary funds to option Termeraire, a historical series that revolves around an "air force of dragons and valiant aviators."

Now, Warner Bros. wants a piece of dragon tail, as they've gone and pre-emptively picked up the rights to Here, There Be Dragons, based on an upcoming children's book by James A. Owen. Convinced this pic could fly, David Goyer and David Heyman optioned the book with their own money and began developing it into a feature film. Owen will adapt the script under Goyer's supervision. Story revolves around three strangers who, during World War I, uncover the Imaginarium Geographica, an atlas that points toward the location of all the lands (in myth, legend, fable and fairy tale) that have ever existed. The interesting twist is that these three strangers (named John, Jack and Charles) actually turn out to be J.R.R. Tolkien, C.S. Lewis and Charles Williams, who, in real life, all met in London when they were young men. I imagine their adventures together will help lay the foundation for what eventually winds up on the pages of their wildly popular novels. Sounds sweet, but who do we cast? Any ideas?

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