After sucking down joint after joint in three Friday installments and replacing Vin Diesel as an ass-kicking super agent in XXX: State of the Union, Ice Cube has packed up his tough guy persona in order to settle down for some family fare. Having already starred in the light-hearted flick Are We There Yet (for which he's now shooting a sequel called Are We Done Yet), Variety reports Cube may take on yet another parenting role.

New Line has picked up an untitled comedy pitch off a concept brought to life by Richard Murphy and Blumhouse exec Tracy Underwood, with Murphy set to pen the script. Story revolves around a "social climber whose aspirations are threatened by a youth who shows up and calls him daddy." Blumhouse and Cube Vision will produce, while the Ice Man is circling the starring role. If this film fails, look for Cube to reprise his lovable marijuana-smoking character in Oh God, Please Tell Me It's Not Another Boring Friday.

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