Among True Believers, there are very few Marvel characters more universally respected and loved than the Silver Surfer. When fans heard the Fantastic Four sequel would heavily feature the hero (so heavily they named the film after him), we rejoiced mightily. The first flick was slightly sub-par, but promise of the Silver Surfer on the silver screen was enough to give anyone hope for the future of the franchise, particularly because it will draw heavily from a classic Lee and Kirby collaboration. To complete the excellent news, it was eventually announced that geek favorite Doug Jones would bring the Surfer to life.

And Jones, it seems, is quickly learning to share fans' devotion and respect for the character he'll be portraying. After reading up and doing his homework on the Surfer, Jones had nothing but praise: " As my research into this character continues, I am falling more and more in love with him ... his valiance, his nobility, his stance for truth, hope, faith, and his history of self-sacrifice. So I fully understand why his fans are talking so much about his introduction appearance in this sequel, and why they would be concerned with who plays him." As far as I'm concerned, they've picked the perfect man for the job.

[via The Doug Jones Experience]
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