Friday marked the first day in two weeks that the Lorraine Theatre in Hoopeston, Illinois, was open for business. It was closed for this time because its owner, Greg Boardman, didn't feel there was anything worth showing. Is he a film snob? Definitely not, as this weekend's fare includes the generic pairing of Invincibleand Open Season. Upcoming attractions include Flyboys; previous movies include Snakes on a Plane. Plus, Boardman also has an art house nearby currently running a Korean Film Festival and The Science of Sleep. So what was his problem? Hard to tell, since Invincible and Little Miss Sunshine, which is coming soon, have been in release and were in release during those two weeks. His argument, which he gives in an audio interview with NPR's Melissa Block, doesn't make a lot of sense.

As a former theatre manager, I experienced many droughts in business and thought it would be better to close at different times, but I could never imagine this actually happening. If anything, I never would have had the attitude that Boardman has towards his part-time employees, which he simply didn't pay for the time off, because he didn't feel it was a real hardship for them (I guess I'm just different because I've always had a lot of employees who needed the job).

For those not in the Illinois area (this includes me), the Lorraine is an old palace theater, built in 1922, which has been renovated throughout the years to feature the latest technology. So, it seems like it would be a good place to see just about anything.