Perhaps I'm just tired of watching films about whiny almost-30-year-old guys who don't want to grow up, or perhaps it's just that I'm tired of seeing Zach Braff do the angsty, existential thing. Whatever the case, Braff can't be solely blamed for The Last Kiss. Unlike Garden State, which he also wrote and directed, in The Last Kiss Braff only wears his acting hat. The film, directed by Tony Goldwyn off a screenplay by Paul Haggis (who's capable of much better), is a remake of 2001 Italian flick L' Ultimo bacio.

In The Last Kiss, Braff has the misfortune to play Michael, an architect with a gorgeous, perfect, long-time girlfriend, Jenna (Jacinda Barrett), who has just found out she's pregnant. The unexpected pregnancy sends Michael into a quiet state of freak-out which he carefully conceals, pasting on enthusiastic smiles for Jenna, her parents and their friends. He assures Jenna he's happy about the pregnancy (although impending fatherhood isn't quite enough to boost him past his marriage phobia), and that he'll love her pregnant body. Meanwhile, under the surface, he just wants to run screaming for the nearest exit back to adolescent freedom.