Chris Evans has reportedly agreed to turn in his white-hot Human Torch tights and appear as Officer Jon Baker, better known as partner to one Officer Francis L. Poncherello of CHiPs fame. That role will be filled by Wilmer Valderrama as these two hop on motorcycles and take this early 80s show onto the big screen.

Unlike the rumored previous casting of George Lopez and Matthew Perry, at least Evans and Valderrama both look marginally like their TV counterparts, although Evans could probably never pull off the wholesomeness that Larry Wilcox always managed to convey. Erik Estrada has a slightly sleazy edge to his Ponch, but you could imagine Wilcox sipping a tall glass of milk while staring off into space, dreaming about the better life. He was the ultimate motorcycle-ridin' Boy Scout.

Memo to Hollywood: At this point, just about everything from my childhood days has been strip-mined to oblivion, leaving only the PBS memories untouched. Please start making some original material before The Great Space Coaster: The Movie opens at my local multiplex.
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