When considering the Harry Potteruniverse, you have to admire the extensive list of important and semi-important characters Rowling has created. Like the world or not, she's done a pretty boffo job filling it up with interesting people -- which has apparently caused some consternation when it comes to movie budgets due to needing to pay an ever-increasing cast of irreplaceable people.

If we were to have a discussion about our favorite* non-primary characters, Mrs. Weasley would be right at the top of my list. In a recent sit down with JewReview, Julie Walters (the actress who plays Mrs. Weasley for the Potter film franchise) took a few moments to discuss her thoughts on the role. She has recently finished filming, although much of the primary cast is still hard at work. She couldn't share much, but she did share a few interesting bits:

  • Like the book, the Weasley parents are very involved in this film.
  • Expect a very good Christmas. In the film, that is. I know nothing of your personal Christmas plans.
  • The sets are "fantastic," "beautiful," and "amazing." At this point, we expect nothing less from the Potter team, but it is still nice to hear.
  • New director David Yates is wonderful, and everyone loves him. He is very emotionally invested in the plot of the film.
  • Julie Walters thinks that Mrs. Weasley should defeat Lord Voldemort, "with some help from Harry and the others." I, personally, would be totally in favor of this ending as well.
*Yeah, I read Harry Potter books. They certainly aren't masterworks of literature or anything, but they're quick and fun.
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