Oh the heels of Avi Arad's semi-departure from Marvel,* a bit of corporate rearranging has been done. Isaac Perlmutter, Marvel's CEO, now has some company in the executive-ing business as the Office of the Chief Executive has been expanded to three positions. Perlmutter has nothing to worry about; he will still be sitting atop the mountain, he's just getting a few new vice-presidents. David Maisel will be based out of Los Angeles, and will handle Marvel's "media activities, interactive businesses, video gaming, corporate development and long range planning." John Turitzin, who has worked as Marvel's general counsel for a few years now, will base himself out of Marvel's New York headquarters and will focus on licensing and publishing issues.

It is interesting to watch Marvel grow in the current superhero movie boom. Marvel has varied in size throughout the years through a few boom-bust cycles ... I just hope they don't over-reach themselves yet again. The movie fad will not last forever, but presumably Marvel is well aware of this and will plan accordingly.

*He left, but only to found a production company which will work very, very closely with Marvel.
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