Okay, I know how you're all probably sick to death of these moronic trailer mash-ups, but this one made me giggle quite a bit. (Oh yes, I still giggle -- you got a problem with that? Do I amuse you or something? Like a f**kin' clown?) Also, seeing as Martin Scorsese is hitting theaters with a new film (The Departed) next week, it seemed like an appropriate time to present you with a brand new trailer for ... Sesame Streets!

That's right, some dude (or dudette) threw together a trailer that features all your favorite adorable Sesame Street characters, but replaces their dialogue with, well, the nasty, foul-mouthed dialogue from an assortment of Martin Scorsese's greatest films. Hey, we all know Grover is a great little character, but throw Joe Pesci's angry voice behind him and it's enough to scar any child for years. That being said, keep in mind the following trailer is definitely NSFW. Oh, and I would watch it while the children are out of the room, unless you want the little ones asking what it means when Burt tells Ernie, "You f**ked my wife."