The Third Reykjavik International Film Festival opened on Thursday, and the organizers of the event managed to convince the city council to shut down all of the lights in town for 30 minutes before the festival began. The organizers of the event said, "The twinkling stars and dancing streaks of northern lights can be just as good as quality festival films, and for that reason we want to begin the festival by setting our gaze upon the largest silver screen there is: the sky itself." Festival includes John Cameron Mitchell'sShortbus and Sweden's Falkenberg Farewell.

It would be truly humbling if a major city in the U.S. could shut down all of its lights to honor a film festival. Even Hollywood doesn't do this. It would be near sacrilege to ask, anyhow, since the city is so intent on making itself shine individually, rather than collectively. If they somehow did convince the city council to shut the lights off, some idiot with a floodlight and a video camera would nab their own 15 minutes of YouTube fame during the blackout.

Dare to dream, maybe someday. Now if you'll excuse me, I'm going to go buy a floodlight.
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