When I first happened upon this piece of movie news, I immediately cried out, "Oh c'mon, not another children's book adaptation!" Therefore, I was quite surprised to see this had nothing to do with kids, but instead was based off a collection of nifty-sounding short stories. (Here's where you get to ask, "Um, what are you talking about dude?)

Well, Benderspink has just optioned Sam the Cat and Other Stories, written by Matthew Klam -- named one of the 25 best fiction writers under 40 by the New Yorker. Apparently, the short stories all revolve around relationships and the "quest for love" seen through the eyes of young American men. (If these guys are anything like the young American men I know, then perhaps we should change that to the "quest for sex.") Benderspink plans to combine the stories into one straight narrative, focusing on a political consultant who stumbles upon the perfect woman at the worst possible time in his life. (Seeing as he's a political consultant, is there ever a good time to fall in love? Wait -- strike that -- do political consultants even know what love is to begin with?)

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