Is there anything worse than being stuck on a bus or subway and desperately wanting to get your Cinematical fix, but when you try to pull it up on your Blackberry it looks like crap? We didn't think so and neither did the spectacular team of tech wizards working for Weblogs, Inc. Thanks to our crack tech staff, you can henceforth view Cinematical on your celly, Blackberry or Treo in a special version designed just for those devices!

You don't even have to remember some stupid weird URL to get there either. You just type in our address like always and BOOM! -- the Cinematical site, in all it's glory, only customized for your phone. Those of us who have cell phones that can access websites have tested the Cinematical site through them with excellent results. If you have any problems viewing the site on your cell, leave a note in the comments with the type of device you're using, and we'll make sure the tech guys hear about it.