I like Billy Bob Thornton as much as the next person (well, I like him as an actor, anyhow, I don't know the guy personally), but the trailer for his new film, Mr. Woodcock, made me cringe. The premise: Mr. Woodcock (Thornton) is one of those sadistic gym teachers many of us remember from our own school days -- doesn't it seem like the job description for gym teacher back in the day must have included phrases like "must hate kids" and "experience with sado-masochism a plus?" In the trailer, we get to see Mr. Woodcock tormenting the ubiquitous fat kid in gym class -- he is forcing a kid, who is wearing only his tighty-whiteys, to dangle from a pull-up bar while he hurls insults -- and then a basketball -- at him. In front of all the fat kid's peers.

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