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Hey there, all ye fans of comic books, movies based on comic books and motorcycles/skeleton heads engulfed in flames, just a quick note to let you know that you'll be able to get your first fiery glimpse of the new 'Ghost Rider' trailer on this Wed. Oct. 4 at 3 p.m.

The film stars Nicolas Cage as Johnny Blaze, a stunt cyclist who sells his soul to the devil to save the life of his dying father. As with any deal with Satan, the results are not all teddy bears, ice cream and rainbows. Blaze is not only forced to part ways with the too-pure-for-his-devil-owned-ass girlfriend Roxanne Simpson (Eva Mendes); in order to reclaim his soul and win back Eva, he must also become a flame-skulled vigilante named Ghost Rider and vanquish the devil's scheming son Blackheart (Wes Bentley). Strange, those sound a whole lot like my weekend plans.

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