From a dinner party last night:

"It's weird that there are two Truman Capote films."
"Well, it's like what happened with Armageddon and Deep Impact."
"So the movie is about Truman Capote rocketing towards earth, where he might wipe out all humanity?"
"I'd watch that. ..."

So the new Martin Scorsese screens tomorrow here in SF, and I'm excited -- so much so that I've been referring to tomorrow as "Marty Gras." But here's the secret: I'm always hoping a movie will be good before the lights go down. I mean, why not live in hope? Why not go in thinking "Okay, show me something ... " It's not like I rub my hands together smugly going "Oooooh, I can't wait for this to suck ...", and even when I'm dreading something I'm still wishing, praying that it'll prove me wrong and be worth the time to see it, think about it, live with it. The fact I'm going to be seeing, guaranteed, Michael Bay's Transformerssometime next year is an ugly fact, but even then, I'll be stupidly optimistic that it might be the robots-turn-into-cars movie I've been waiting for my whole life despite the fact I have zero interest in robots that turn into cars.

Are you excited about The Departed? Or, for that matter, anything else coming soon?

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