In a recent interview with IESB, Fox chairman Tom Rothman had a few things to say about some very big upcoming films. I'm talking Eragon, Wolverine, Magneto, Fantastic Four 2 and the main focus of this week's Poll, Live Free or Die Hard (aka Die Hard 4). Last week, Justin Long was officially announced as John McClane's (Bruce Willis) newest sidekick in the fourth installment -- a computer hacker brought on to assist McClane in tracking down and defeating a group of cyber terrorists.

However, while production has already begun (check out these brand new set pics), we still don't know who will play the main villain. In my opinion, the Die Hard films are defined by their baddie, with Alan Rickman by far my personal favorite thus far (Jeremy Irons was okay in Vengeance -- a little bland for my taste, but still pretty decent). In the interview, Rothman admits casting for the franchise's next bad guy is just about done, with an announcement expected within a week or two. He notes the actor in question is American and says, "... it's a very cool piece of casting. Very cool and contemporary." Great, now I'm just dying to know who it is. Cool? Contemporary? American? You think it's a woman? An alien? Freddy Prinze Jr.?

So, I ask you: If you had final say, who would square off against John McClane? And, based on the info Rothman gives us, who do you think they're targeting?

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