If you are, know or live with a sports nut, then chances are you've been subjected to the trials and tribulations of fantasy baseball or football at one time or another. "Sorry, can't make it this Saturday, I've got my fantasy draft." If you've ever actually made it to a live fantasy draft, you can see how serious these games get. More than 16 million people play fantasy sports, and it's a no holds barred, take no prisoners, every man (or woman) for themselves. When you come out with a key player tucked under your arm, then it was all worth it. With the popularity of computers and the internet, it is so much easier than it was in the pen and paper days to get involved with fantasy sports. Easier to get involved, yes, but not easier to win given my losing baseball team, which finished my brief fantasy baseball career in seventh place yesterday.

Now, Matthew Berry and Brenda Spoonemore want to bring that same fervent gameplay to the movies. They are launching Fantasy Moguls, a website-based fantasy game where you make the decisions as the head of your "studio." On the site, players join a public or private league, choose half a dozen films via a "draft" and then keep track of scores in four categories: domestic gross, weeks in the top five, per-screen average and reviews.

The game is free to play, and launches sometime in October. You too can be Robert Evans and decide if the kid stays in the picture.