Have you ever thought that Netflix's DVD recommendations are totally missing their mark? Do you have ideas for how the system of suggesting rentals could work better? Are you an expert software developer looking for better pay? If you answered "Hell yes!" to all three of those questions, you could be eligible for a million dollar reward from the online service.

The company's current process of figuring out their subscribers' tastes and giving recommendations based on these tastes (and individuals' ratings of movies they've seen) is not too bad. It isn't like you're renting The Seventh Sealand being told you will therefore like Andre. Still, it could always get better. I don't even understand the way it works now, and that is why I won't win/earn the $1 million, but if someone can improve their accuracy by 10 percent, that person will. If nobody can, then the best improvement to the software will get $500,000, and Netflix will try again in a year with the same offer. Someone get Mark Burnett on the phone -- there's a reality show here just dying to bust out.