On November 14th, 1970, West Virginia's Marshall University lost 75 student athletes, faculty members and friends in a horrific plane crash. The tragedy still stands as the worst loss of life in the history of college athletics. And now they've made a movie about it. Frankly I'm stunned it took 36 years for this story to hit the screens.

I'm not necessarily averse to touchy-feely and mega-inspirational sport-centric melodramas -- but damn if all these football flicks (Rudy, Remember the Titans, Radio, Gridiron Gang, Invincible, etc.) don't feel like the exact same movie with a (slightly) different coat of paint.

Plus, going only by the trailer, We Are Marshall looks to be a push-button treacle-machine of the highest order. Men who get to quiver and beam through quivering lip are Matthew McConaughey, Matthew Fox, David Strathairn and Ian McShane, who I assume will be playing a villain of some sort.

Or perhaps I'm being a little too cynical here. Maybe We Are Marshall will be this generation's Bang the Drum Slowly or Brian's Song. Then again, it could also be this generation's Necessary Roughness. The pigskin weeper was directed by McG, and based on his work in Charlie's Angels and Charlie's Angels 2, I'm betting he chose to go extra-sappy to avoid being accidentally campy. (Plus it's really hard to buy drama from a vendor called McG.)

Ah well, I do like a good cry mixed in with my football. (It happens whenever the Eagles lose.) We Are Marshall opens on December 22nd ... or just check out the trailer for a very handy 2-minute recap of the ENTIRE FILM!

(Thanks to Wiki for the fact-checking.)
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