It's been a while since we bothered to care if that alleged Friday the 13th prequel/remake/reload was actually happening, but according to a very reliable tip from some dude who went to a New Jersey Horrorcon -- the project IS moving forward.

Yes, that's right: The Friday the 13thre-do thingy is due to hit theaters "by July," so everyone warm up those hockey masks and grab that machete off the wall! Producer Andrew Form is the guy behind the project, and apparently he's just itchin' to make a few pennies off a series in which grown men get their heads punched off, people get shot in the eyeballs with arrows (in 3-D), and space-teens battle the undead with the help of a sexalicious robo-hottie. (And I haven't even gotten to that whole Voorhees vs. Krueger debacle.)

Mr. Form also assures us (and by "us," I mean the fans who don't really want a remake in the first place) that he will fight tooth and nail to keep his Friday an R-rated venture. As if one could actually make a movie called Friday the 13th and somehow deliver a PG-13 rating. Frankly, the fact that he even has to assure us makes me pretty damn skeptical.

For the record, Andrew Form's producerography includes titles like The Texas Chainsaw Massacre (2003), The Amityville Horror (2005), The Hitcher (2007), and a romantic comedy starring David Schwimmer.
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