I've subscribed to many a fan-following in my time, but the cult of Transformers is one that slipped by me. Since the announcement of Michael Bay's version of those "Robots in Disguise" hit the net, I've been amazed by the level of anticipation the film has generated. I've heard some of the cartoon's more cynical detractors dismiss it as little more than a half-hour commercial for Transformers toys. Perhaps, but I was a big fan of Marvel's Micronauts comic book, which essentially did the same thing in comic form. While I'm not a Transformers fan, I am curious enough about this film to keep an eye on it.

There was much joy in Transformer-ville when it was announced that voice actor Peter Cullen would reprise the role of Optimus Prime, leader of the shape-shifting alien robots. Now I'm betting a few fans' heads will actually explode when they find out they have a chance to write a line of dialogue for the character (as previously reported wayyy back during that live webcast). Just click on over to the film's official site to enter the "Make Prime Speak" contest. Ten winners will have their line voiced and recorded by Cullen, with the first place entry becoming a line in the movie. To get you started, here are a few lines I suggest you don't use:
  • "Man, that 10W-40 goes right through you."
  • "Are they hiring over at Battlestar Galactica, because I would make one kick-ass cylon."
  • "I have had enough of these <expletive deleted> Decepticons on this <expletive deleted> plane!"

Between this and the open call for extras to appear in the film, it seems like Paramount recognizes the devoted fan-base of this property. The big question remains, even if the film satisfies the fans, will it be able to draw in the general movie going public as well?

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