I know we've been waiting a long time for Eddie Murphy to star in a comedy that's, um, actually funny. (Oh that's right, Shrek included.) After awkwardly shoving himself into a ton of family-related films (Daddy Day Care, Dr. Doolittle, The Haunted Mansion), I've been itching to see Murphy return to his multi-character roots and shell out another comedic masterpiece likeComing to America (or, though not classic Eddie in my mind, The Nutty Professor).

So, I was pleasantly surprised to find myself busting a gut (and my gut's pretty big) while watching the trailer for Norbit, Murphy's latest film due out at some point next year. Pic revolves around one of them lovable losers (Murphy), raised by the owner of a Chinese restaurant (Murphy) after he was abandoned on its steps as a child, and eventually coerced into marrying a very large and demanding woman (Murphy). At some point through this whole ordeal, Norbit meets the woman of his dreams, though it may take a forklift and a few thousand donuts to pry him from out under the watchful eye of his current master wife. Some may find the whole dude-in-fat-suit-drag gag a bit old by now, but hopefully Eddie manages to pull it off. Whaddya think?

[via JoBlo]