OK, this little news item (culled from The Hollywood Reporter by way of the Sci Fi Channel's Sci Fi Wire) has finally piqued my interest in Fantastic Four: Rise of the Silver Surfer. After seeing 2005's Fantastic Four, in which four of the greatest comic book characters of all time gain super human abilities, then spend the bulk of the movie locked indoors trying not to use said powers, I began to wonder if that never-released Roger Corman Fantastic Four flick might be worth more of my time (for the record, it isn't). The news of the Silver Surfer's participation in the sequel didn't quite crush my hopes for the franchise, but it did pin them against the pavement with a weight similar to that of an upright piano (with a nice mahogony bench included). I've always thought of the Surfer (Norrin Radd to his drinking buddies) as one of those characters who worked well enough on the comics page, but couldn't possibly translate to film. I mean, the dude flies a surf board.

Now it's being reported that Beau Garrett has been added to the cast as Frankie Raye, a scientist and love interest to Chris Evans' Johnny Storm/Human Torch character. As a fan of John Byrne's legendary stint as writer and artist of the Fantastic Four comic, I realized Frankie Raye was much more than that. In the comic, Frankie Raye was also the step-daughter of Professor Phineas Horton, creator of the original android version of The Human Torch from the pre-Marvel days of Timely comics. Through contact with elements used to create the android, Frankie gained Torch-like abilities of her own and eventually -- here it comes -- became Nova, the new Herald to Galactus, a job first held by the Silver Surfer.

I imagine the whole Professor Horton backstory will be left out, but the rest opens up all kinds of possibilities. A Fantastic Four sequel? I say bring it on.

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