If somebody were to say to me "Mark, I'd like you to choose a writer-director and team him up with a movie producer to create the craziest, most whacked-out, amazing geek film possible," it'd be quite likely I'd respond "give me Neil Gaiman and Guillermo del Toro, please." In fact, I really can't imagine a more utterly insane yet amazingly talented union. Is it possible for this geek joy-dream to come true? Apparently, it is, as del Toro has agreed to produce (or at least executive produce) Neil Gaiman's Death: The High Cost of Living should the project ever find a real green-light. Gaiman himself would direct the project, because he doesn't want anyone save himself screwing up his classic work. Warner Brothers has the rights to the comic (as it was produced under a DC label and they've got a deal with DC comics), and as of right now nobody is sure which WB division would handle the project. Let's hope they can come to some sort of agreement, because I don't think the world can go much longer without a Neil Gaiman/Guillermo del Toro team-up. I know I can't, anyway.
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