Not so very long ago, Heath Ledger angered a portion of the geek community by ... well, by being cast as the Joker in Nolan'sBatman sequel The Dark Knight. Soon thereafter, he angered everyone else in the geek community by launching into a profanity laced burn of comic book movies and his utter disdain for them. We've now got further comments from Ledger regarding the role, and these ones sound a whole lot more positive. Here are the basics (click here for the full) delivered in classy bullet points:

  • Although Ledger, like everyone else alive, has been familiar with the Batman mythos for some time, he wasn't particularly keen on being in a Batman film at first. Nolan sold him on the idea.
  • Ledger is excited for the chance to plan an "iconic" role, particularly one which is so far removed from anything he's done yet.
  • He has been told the part will be like "watching a car wreck that won't stop." The role will also be exceptionally deep.
  • Like all good actors, Ledger isn't bothered by fans who don't like him. If an actor was stopped by a handful of upset fans, he'd never work again. A rather good point, all things considered.
  • Ledger knows better than to try and recreate the work of Nicholson. He is fully aware he can't recreate Nicholson's work, and he has a different director with a different vision.
  • He's always figured he'd know he really "made it" when he was turned into an action figure.

While I still don't understand Ledger's anti-comic book rant, I continue to support his casting and expect he'll do well. I just wish he'd embrace the community he's working for. It is hard to get behind a guy who gleefully insults your hobbies.
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